Start Donington 2014

They are off 1st Meeting Donington

Craner Curves Donington 2014

Craner Curves Donington 2014

Alan gets distracted

He stops to take in the view at Anglesey!

Grid Grils - @welshhotties on twitter

HOT Grid Girls join us at HOT Anglesey

Grid Grils - @welshhotties on twitter

David Chapman gets hot under the collar with Ladies in Red

The Le Mans is here

Roddison races this at Anglesey!

They R Off

Packed Cadwell Grid - Sep13

Rockingham May 2013

In Honour of Mad Dog Brittle Rockingham 2013!

Wipers on! - June 2013

A very wet Gerrards for race 1!

Mission Motorsport's Davy Birrell

The Squirell Slides around Silverstone

Countdown to Anglesey 2014


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MaX5 Racing was formed in the summer of 2003, running a successful race series in 2004, and gaining championship status for the 2005 season. The MaX5 Racing championship is based upon the original MX5 Championship run by Mazda in the UK in 1990/91 & the American spec Miata MX5 Championship, which is hugely successful and is the fastest growing form of motorsport in the U.S. .

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